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We are willing to advise and assist you during the difficult period following the decision to separate and/or divorce. Finances are often the source of many arguments and difficulties. Our first aim is to establish whether an agreement can be reached, but if this is not possible we can assist or represent you in proceedings where an application to the Court then becomes necessary.

Advice & Mediation

We will offer a one-off meeting to advise in respect of finance for £100 (incl. VAT) we will refer you to mediation if we believe there is the slightest hope that you can agree finances. We would work with the mediators to facilitate an agreement charging £150 (incl. VAT) to deal with matters that arise at mediation. £250 (incl. VAT) to then draft a consent order based on the agreement reached in mediation. 

Finances where agreement cannot be reached

If you are unable to agree we will offer advice and a fixed fee to include issuing before the court and disclosure we will then offer a further fixed fee to include our attendance at the first appointment before the court, all further costs will depend on the complexity and nature of the dispute on a case-by-case basis.

Fixed Fee for issue and disclosure: £500 (incl. VAT)

Fixed Fee for attendance and preparation for hearing: £500 (incl. VAT)

Where agreement has been reached

Drafting consent order and related documentation including financial disclosure £300 (incl. VAT) (this of course is based on receipt of all documentation and information agreed at interview)

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