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Domestic abuse is something we all read about but we expect it to happen to other people, not to us. If you have been subjected to it, whether from a man or a woman, we can help. We work with refuges, the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) and other agencies to help protect you and your family.  Don’t suffer in silence: talking to someone today can change your life. We do not judge; we are there to support you to take control of your future. Even if legal or Court proceedings aren’t the solution for your situation, our experts will try to advise what to do next.

Legal Aid

Depending on your financial circumstances, you may not have to pay anything to get the protection you need, or you may be able to repay the costs to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) in affordable monthly instalments.
The rules for whether or not you qualify for this help are set by the LAA and we can carry out an immediate assessment of your income, savings, capital and outgoings, or tell you how you can do this yourself at home. It is vital that you are able to provide proof of the figures on which the assessment is based, otherwise you will have to repay the costs of your Court application to the LAA.
If the Court makes a Non-Molestation Order to protect you, that is sufficient evidence of domestic violence to allow you to apply for Legal Aid to cover the costs of child contact or residence arrangements or financial provision following divorce/separation. After 1 April 2013, Legal Aid will not be available to deal with these issues unless there is proof of domestic violence.

The Process

Step 1:

A one-hour private interview to advise you whether you can obtain an injunction (a Court Order preventing someone behaving in a violent or threatening manner). We will assess whether you are eligible for Legal Aid; if not, this meeting will cost £100.

Step 2:

At the end of our initial meeting (Step 1), if we believe you need an injunction and you agree to take action, we will obtain an Emergency Order very quickly. This will involve a first Court hearing, where a barrister will represent you and explain to the judge why you need protection. (The person who is harming or threatening you does not need to know about this until the Order has been made). If you are not Legally Aided, we will charge £800 for this.

Step 3:

A second Court hearing is sometimes needed to keep the Order in force for a longer period.  The person who is being restrained by the Order will be told the date of this hearing and may contest it, although this does not always happen.  If a second hearing is required, but no argument is put forward against you, then we will charge £200 to represent you at the second hearing if you do not have Legal Aid.  However, if the other person involved does challenge the Order and it is necessary to fight it (legally speaking, not literally), then we will have to charge £500 unless you have Legal Aid.

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  • The charges we set out above are based on our considerable knowledge and experience of the legal work required and we sincerely believe that we can provide an excellent service to many clients at this level of cost.  However, some people’s circumstances are more complicated (for example if there are children involved) and need even greater input and expertise to achieve the high standards of client care and good results you deserve.  We therefore reserve the right to increase our charges above the fixed fees set out above if we honestly and reasonably believe the complexity of your case merits this.  When we first hear about your situation, we will be able to tell you if we think we will have to charge more than the fixed fee and we will do our best to give you a clear and reliable estimate of what the overall cost of proceeding is likely to be.  If there are any changes to this (for example if unforeseen complications arise), we will inform you by phone, letter or email before we incur the costs in question.
  • Any disbursements (that is, expenses such as Court fees which we initially pay on your behalf) will be added on top of our own charges.  To give you an idea of the current level of these additional expenses, disbursements of £70 are usually incurred for a straightforward injunction; service of Court documents now costs a minimum of £100, but will be more if the person on whom they are to be served is difficult to locate; if children are involved, initial Court fees will be £270.  (Please note, we do not set these fees and charges and they are subject to change).
  • To allow us to keep our charges as low as we can, we use email for correspondence wherever possible.  You must tell us if you think the person harming or threatening you could access your emails without your knowledge or agreement.


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