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Prenuptial & Separation Agreements

Before you get married everyone wants to think that the marriage will last until death, sadly, that is all too often not the case. It is sensible to provide for the break-down of the marriage without believing that it is likely to happen. This in fact means that the couple are communicating about everything rather than looking at the worst case scenario. Let us help you to put in place an agreement so that if the marriage does break down, finances at least will not be such an issue.

Children & Finances when you live together

We will assist you in obtaining or agreeing a parental responsibility order which places a party (not necessarily a father) in the same position they would be in if they were the child's parent. We can also assist if you separate and need to sort out contact with children or finances. We work closely with mediators to whom we can refer you and with other agencies who again can advise. We will always try to sort these matters out amicably to avoid court proceedings if possible.

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